bolivia - BENI FLOOD DISASTer 2014

Bolivia is currently experiencing the worst rainy season in decades with disastrous floods affecting communities and wildlife in Beni.

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" Please help me achieve the target and, if possible, more. "


This Campaign must reach the funding target of 1000 GBP by 10.21pm on 03.03.2014, GMT for it to be successful.

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While coverage of the recent flooding disaster has been limited in the UK, I hope to raise awareness and funds to send directly to the people of Beni who most need aid. Having been born in raised in La Paz, Bolivia, I often visited the Beni region. Their remoteness has meant that they have maintained a simple and traditional lifestyle, and much of the relief being sent is to help their immediate needs in sanitation and food. More than 58,000 families have been affected over the past month, according to official counts, with 56 people reported dead. Limited reporting from isolated communities could mean the actual number is significantly higher.

A lack of potable water, the destruction of crops and livestock, and the threat of mosquito-born disease all pose long-term risks. It's not just the loss of subsistence crops, many of which cannot be replanted until late this year, and disease that will have long-term effects in the Bolivian lowlands. Across the region, raising cattle is an important source of income, and the herds can be a family's main asset. To date, some 48,000 cattle have drowned or starved to death.

every little helps!

Any amount you donate will help. £5 will go a long way in helping to pay for basic medicines, healthy meals, and clothing. I will ensure that your donation goes directly to those organisations who I know are working directly with families that have been affected.

Please help me achieve the target and, if possible, more. As this is a charitable project, please ensure that your pledge gets donated even if I don't reach my goal.


Update #3

16th Mar 2014By fi

Just a quick update for those who made a donation. The money has been transferred to the Tsimane Flood Relief Fund under the name of "Beni Flood Disaster Campaign". Unfortunately the total received from the supporters was £250 ($450) and not £420 as the campaign shows, half of the paypal transfers are still pending. If anyone else transfers the money I will then send it to the same organization.

Many thanks for your support.

Update #2

3rd Mar 2014By fi

A huge thank you to all of those who have made a pledge for my campaign. It looks like we won't meet the target, though I would greatly appreciate it if you could make sure your pledge gets donated just the same.

You should be able to access your pledges and choose the option that allows it to be donated.

I will keep you all posted on where the money is sent and how it is helping some of the most needy families in Beni.

Muchisimas gracias a todos!

Update #1

24th Feb 2014By fi

Sorry everyone, I'm trying to change the minimum pledge to £5...sorry if you wanted to support and the minimum amount was too high! I'll try to sort it out ASAP


Gracias por recolectar granitos de arena y hacerlos significativos!



Hola Fi, espero que puedas reunir mas :) y gracias por organizar la colecta. Beso, Claudia







James B

Good luck, looks a great cause!


Boa sorte!! x



You can do it baby!



Que gran corazón que tienes. Te amo.


Tamsyn Jefferson-Harvey

Keep going :)


Fingers crossed for your fundraising! x


Te deseo mucho exito en tu campana para el Beni. Gracias Gildita!






Wish you luck!



Way to go Fifita! Voy a compartir el link Besos y abrazos Kiki

15 backers

Thank you for your support, without it this campaign would not be possible! We will find a way of saying thank you even if it is a simple card, or shoutout through facebook or twitter!

Estimated delivery: Mar 2014.

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bolivia - BENI FLOOD DISASTer 2014

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