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" Please support my fundraising campaign. "


This Campaign must reach the funding target of 500 GBP by 10.59pm on 30.09.2012, BST for it to be successful.

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As some of you may know, we have big plans for our future. But for those of you who don´t, here is what you can expect from us in the upcoming year:


•     We will start recording our third full-length album on September 17th, which is set for release in early 2013. We will put all of our energy in this album to make it the very best it could possibly be. This includes putting a lot of time and effort in the process of writing songs, preproduction, more hours in the studio, more time spent on mixing and mastering, and more promotion.

•    Touring Europe in March/April 2013, which hopefully will be twice as long and more extensive than any previous tour. This time around we will try our hardest to visit all the countries we’ve previously visited, along with new territory for us, such as Greece, France, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, and the UK.


But to make our plans and dreams come true we have to overcome some financial obstacles. We aren’t really at the point where we can do things concerning Dorena as good and big as we like, and being independent musicians and students at the same time means that we sometimes will have to deny opportunities just because we can’t afford to take them.


This is where you could help us and have an impact on the outcome of all this. You would basically be part of the sound of the album and the length of the tour (which might increase the chance of us coming to your hometown). And as you can see to the right, you can get some sweet stuff by helping us. Any amount is helpful and your support is greatly appreciated!


Oh, and SHIPPING IS INCLUDED in all prizes!


Love. /Dorena


Update #2

7th Oct 2012By Dorena Music

Oct 7, 2012:

Our project is now fully funded! Our £500 will help finance our 10 days in Nacksving Studios, Gothenburg. As mentioned in the previous update the recording has been postponed, but days are closing in now. October 29th is the date, people! Preproduction is done and the album is turning out to be quite spectacular.

The backers:
I Saved Latin
Anders Göransson
Emil Bengtsson
Hugh Thomas
Rafael Pérez Sedano
James Bailey
Eva Ruiz
Magnus Eriksson
Robert Elander
William Soovik
Klas Brandt
Tobias Lindberg
Patrik Blomqvist

Thank you all! Your generosity exceeds what we could possibly hope for!
Here are the estimated deadlines to when you will recieve your rewards:

NEW SONG SNEAK PEEK - February 2013
MERCH ARTWORK - October 2012
JOIN THE CHOIR - November 2nd, 2012. Precise information will follow!
NEW ALBUM - February 2013
THE MAYFLY KIT - October 2012
HOLOFON KIT - October 2012

Note: Changes might be made to the deadlines during the course of the project.

You can stay tuned to our recording process through this page, and also through our Facebook and Twitter. Until next time, have a look at our latest "Live in the Studio" video:

Dorena - In the House where I Grew Up (LIVE) 2012:

Thank you once again!
Love. /Dorena

Update #1

2nd Sep 2012By Dorena Music

Sep 2, 2012:

We passed the halfway mark a few days ago!
At the moment we have raised £275 for our project, which means that we have £225 left to go! September 30th is the last day to pledge, so time is running out! Please take a look at our rewards, and see if you find something interesting. Every contribution, big or small, makes big difference in helping us acheiving our goal!

As far as the recording process goes, we have been forced to postpone the album recording from September 16th to October 29th. We are very sorry about this, and to make it up to you, we decided to make our remix of "Let Us Live" available for free download through Soundcloud! Make sure to download before the slots run out!

Dorena - Let Us Live (Kim Ruiz remix):

In addition to this, more "Live from the studio" videos will soon be up for your listening pleasure. In case you missed the previous ones, here they are:

Dorena - Stars In the Ceiling (LIVE) 2012:

Dorena - Never Alone, Always Lonesome (LIVE) 2012:

Many many thanks to our backers! We love you for it!

Simon Rohlén

I Saved Latin

Eva Ruiz

William Soovik


Tobias Lindberg

Anders Göranson

Klas Brandt

Robert Elander

James B

Rafael Pérez Sedano

Emil Bengtsson

Magnus Eriksson

Robert Elander

Hugh Thomas

1 backer


Free download of one song from our coming album about three weeks before realease!

10 GBP
1 backer


- Original hand made artwork for our canvas bag!

10 GBP
3 backers


- Add your vocals on the upcoming release! One song on the album will feature vocals from a choir consisting of friends of ours. Pledge 10£ to join in on the recording in Nacksving Studios, Gothenburg, and your voice will forever be heard on that one Dorena song! No previous experience of singing is required.

- Your name will be in the liner notes of the new album!

15 GBP
1 backer


- Signed copy of our latest album About Everything and More!

20 GBP
4 backers


- Get a signed psysical copy of the upcoming album one week before everyone else!

30 GBP
1 backer


- Original hand made artwork from the first Dorena production ever, The Mayfly demo!

- Signed The Mayfly demo CD-r!

40 GBP
1 backer


- Original hand made artwork for Holofon!

- Signed Holofon CD + hand made promo kit!

50 GBP
3 backers


- We will record a new song in our studio that won't be released in any other way than to you! No one else will be able to hear it, except the ones you share it with!

300 GBP
0 backers


- We will come and play a private show for you and your friends in your living room or anywhere you like! We will provide full sound system and backline!

- Limited to the south of Sweden (only south of Stockholm).

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