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This Campaign must reach the funding target of 37000 GBP by 10.47am on 18.07.2012, BST for it to be successful.

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We are a new company founded in a small Village called Glenfarg in Scotland. This is our Pleasefund.Us campaign to get our company off the ground and in to the world. We are offering our first 70 timepieces at almost cost price for those early adopters, or Lighthouses as we are calling you, including benefits such as lifetime discounts, the chance to win free timepieces and even the chance to have your own Special Edition timepieces designed to your specifications. Our goal here is to get these 70 timepieces manufactured using a master watchmaking company in Germany, with our ultimate goal being to bring manufacture and assembly to Scotland, and in the process become the first timepiece company from these lands.

We will offer all our timepieces, which are Limited Edition always, at an affordable price. Limited Edition doesn't have to mean unobtainable and by funding our project here, you will all have an exclusive part in our history and our future.

So Phase 1 is to get our designs manufactured using a renowned master German case-maker Fricker and get these out on to the wrists of you, the people, and get a buzz going about us. We have 2 designs which are at present ready to go to production - the ONE44 Chronograph and the ONE44 Mechanical.


The ONE44 Chronograph

The ONE44 Chronograph is a stripped back, stark and simple timepiece with the focus purely on clarity and ease of use. By using the natural material finishes to bring visual interest to the piece, without using over complicated patterns or decoration, we have created a beautifully simple yet elegant and informative timepiece.

The ONE44 Chronograph features:

  • 316L Stainless Steel Case; strong, weighty and bead-blasted to form a gorgeous matte satin finish.
  • 44mm in diameter (excluding the 8mm big-crown), 12mm thin, 22mm Lug Width, all designed to keep the timepiece sleek, unobtrusive and refined.
  • Sapphire flat Glass - Anti-Reflective coating to provide the ultimate strength and clarity,
  • Sandwich Anthracite Dial with BGW9 Superluminova (The best and brightest Lume available) and
  • Powered by the high-grade Ronda 8040.B Big Date movement.

A beautifully proportioned, simplistic yet elegant and sportive design that sits sleek and unobtrusive on the wrist. Perfect for casual, business and recreational use. The 22mm Lug width allows the biggest potential for strap personalisation without the struggle to find a rarely used sizing.


The ONE44 Mechanical

The ONE44 Mechanical takes the unique, simplistic look of the ONE44 Chronograph to whole other level providing only the basic necessities of time-keeping - Hours, Minutes and Seconds. It features the same Specifications as the ONE44 Chronograph - Case dimensions, materials and colours with a few defining extras.

The ONE44 Mechanical is powered by the venerable ETA 6498-1 Mechanical movement and this is visible through the Sapphire Glass case back. It is hand-wound, an interaction some of us miss with Automatics and Quartz timepieces, and is a workhorse so you can be sure to get many many years of use and the beauty of simple servicing to keep it ticking for generations to come.

To make the ONE44 Mechanical even more special, we are also offering the chance to upgrade the movement to a fantastic and very unique Jochen Benzinger decorated, custom movement. Benzinger is a master movement decorator and is highly regarded in the watchmaking world. It's the same 6498 base movement but will be Blackened PVD coated with a guilloché decorated main plate and lime-green accents. It will be very unique and all visible through the sapphire glass case-back. Publicly understated, privately complicated.

Both timepieces are in an initial batch of 35 of each, totaling 70 timepieces available for this campaign.

The ONE44 Mechanical is available as a once only Edition of 35 - once their gone their gone.

The ONE44 Chronograph is an Edition of 144, so after this initial batch of 35 is taken, there'll be another 109 available in Phase 2, along with the new timepieces produced in Scotland.


Phase 2 - This is our ultimate aim and a goal that we hope we will achieve. Using the knowledge and expertise that Gordon has, we are going to bring production of our timepieces to Scotland and in the process become the first ever timepiece company in Scotland. It's an amazing opportunity and if we succeed could set us apart immediately. In this phase we will purchase machinery and start assembling all our timepieces in house. This will save a lot of money and unlike other companies, we are going to pass those savings on to the customer, rather than hike the prices up. We are an affordable watch company producing fantastic quality timepieces, and we want to remain this way to set us apart.

So to summarise, we are seeking funding for Phase 1 to get our initial batch of timepieces manufactured and out in to the world. We have already had massive interest and great publicity with our designs and company. However we need that extra bit of help to get the funding we need to go to production. We are established in the Twitter and Facebook networks and behind the scenes we are actively networking with Jewelers and other retail outlets to really set ourselves up properly and get the best start we can. We have spoken with a prominent UK jewelers and have been offered the opportunity to use their stores as both Marketing Events and for Sales.

With your help we will make it all happen and we are so excited to get started. Please be a part of our history and be involved in our future.



Update #5

10th Jul 2012By Gordon Fraser



Well a week to go and so far we've not even covered 20%!


Come on guys! Let's get this thing funded! 



Thanks to all those who have pledged so far, I greatly appreciate your support.


Spread the word in the last week of the Fraser Timepiece Co Campaign to make us the worlds first Scottish Timepiece Company.




Update #4

12th Jun 2012By Gordon Fraser

Hi All


Going great so far! 


With 35 days to go we are nearly half-way through the campaign. Please do keep spreading the word and getting this campaign out there.


I am at present speaking to many of my suppliers and manufacturers, letting them know of the campaign and finalising many things like the boxes and paperwork, logistical products and a million other tiny things that go in to something as big as a crowdfunding campaign.


I am so very hopeful we get funded and I am so excited for what lies ahead.


Thanks for all the pledges so far!



Update #3

22nd May 2012By Gordon Fraser

Want to know what my experience has been so far, trying to get a new timepiece company started?


Head over here to read a fabulous interview with me!



Update #2

22nd May 2012By Gordon Fraser

Hi All,


So far so good! 4 days in and we already have nearly 10% pledged!


I'm contacting local media, national media and basically everyone who has ears to get the word out that we're Live and looking for interested people.


I am working on the renders for the Jochen Benzinger decorated movement, which at the moment is still in flux design wise. But needless to say if Benzinger is decorating it, it'll be phenomenal.


Please keep spreading the word all!



Update #1

18th May 2012By Gordon Fraser



We're live!


How exciting! 


Please get in touch if you've got any questions.



Frank DeCecco



Brian Anderson

10 GBP
0 backers

Bronze Supporter - For £10 you get an email with a message from Gordon, a selection of Hi-Res promotional wallpapers for your computer, and a mention on the website and all future literature under "Bronze Supporters". We will document in everything we produce how we started and this includes our funders.

25 GBP
0 backers

Silver Supporter - For £25 you get a signed A3 Art Print of the manufacturing drawing and the £10 rewards too. You'll appear on the web and literature under "Silver Supporters"

50 GBP
0 backers

Gold Supporter - For £50 you'll get the same as the Bronze level with the addition of a pack of Signed promotional postcards. You'll appear under "Gold Supporters" on the web and in literature.

200 GBP
0 backers

Platinum Supporter - For £200 you'll get a signed hard back book featuring articles, information and images from our startup process, a pack of promotional postcards and a personal letter of thanks from Gordon. You'll appear under "Platinum Supporters" on the web and literature.

550 GBP
3 backers

The Lighthouse Chronograph - The ONE44 Chronograph timepiece - Limited Edition. Our initial batch of timepieces are called the Lighthouses, an alternative term for an early adopter. These 35 watches will have a different case-back from the main-batch watches showing an image of the Bell Rock lighthouse and Limited Edition batch numbering of 001-035. The timepiece comes with a hand-made mid-grey leather strap with lime-green lining, custom UK made box and a lifetime discount of 10%. You'll appear on the website/literature under "Lighthouse Member"
P+P is not included.

750 GBP
0 backers

The Lighthouse Mechanical - The ONE44 Mechanical timepiece - Special Edition. These are Special Edition as there will only ever be 35, as compared to the Chronograph which is an Edition of 144. The ONE44 M has the standard ETA 6498-1 movement, Cotes-de-Geneve decoration with blued screws, all visible through the Sapphire Glass case-back. Numbering and detailing is engraved around the glass. The timepiece comes with a hand-made dark-grey leather strap with lime-green lining, custom UK made box and a lifetime discount of 15%. Mention on the website and literature under "Lighthouse Member".
P+P is not included.

1200 GBP
2 backers

The Lighthouse Benzinger - The ONE44 Mechanical timepiece with the upgraded movement. This is a very special upgrade with the movement being subjected to Jochen Benzinger's unbelievably talented hands. Blackened PVD movement with Guilloche decoration and the same Lime-Green accents as on the dial. This will really be a gorgeous upgrade and it will really contrast with the dial's simplicity. The Benzinger upgrade still comes out of the 35 Special Edition allocation. The timepiece comes with the same benefits/rewards as the Lighthouse Mechanical, 15% lifetime discount. Mention on the website under "Lighthouse Member". P+P is not included.

5000 GBP
0 backers

The Lighthouse Duo - Both the timepieces including the Benzinger upgrade. All rewards from the £10-200 tiers and a personal phone call/skype from Gordon. Mention on the website and literature under "Lighthouse Member +"

Lifetime discount of 15%. Postage is included anywhere in the world.

20000 GBP
0 backers

Lighthouse for Life - Both the timepieces including the Benzinger upgrade. 1 free timepiece from every single design we ever make for life. Focus article on the website as "Lifetime Member" and all rewards from £10-100 tiers. Lifetime 20% discount. Postage is included anywhere in the world.

You'll come with us on our visit to Fricker to see our Lighthouses being made and also a VIP invite to our new production facilities in Phase 2.

50000 GBP
0 backers

Lighthouse Family - Both timepieces incl Benzinger upgrade. 2 free timepieces from every single design we ever make for life. All rewards prior and 20% lifetime discount.

You'll also be invited to join us as we head to Fricker in Germany to see our timepieces being made and have a VIP pass to our production facilities in Phase 2.

You will also get your own Special Edition of 50 timepieces made, designed in collaboration and featuring your name and signature on the dial/case. You'll get the first from the edition and "first dibs" on the remaining 49 pieces.


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