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Recent health statistics show that one out of three children in the UK are over-weight or obese by the end of primary school. The scenario is similar in the US and other parts of Europe. Health problems associated with being overweight or obese cost the NHS more than £5 billion every year.

Our first game EdEggs® can help improve children’s overall health by promoting physical activities such as walking outdoors and playing indoor challenges.

When we hit our milestone pledge, we will launch the first game, set in "NEW YOLK" town with 8 levels and 32 EdEggs® to unlock and collect: Ed, Em, Uncle Brian, Stu, Bernie, Ozzy, Lizzie, Cassie, Rexy, Steggy, Trixie, Lava, and many more. As children earn energy points by walking, they unlock buildings and characters as well as a series of comic strips narrating the EdEggs' adventures as they build up New Yolk after their daring escape from the evil farmer.

Our team

Dr Angel Salazar, CEO of AIDA Technology, has twenty years experience and postgraduate degrees in digital and health technologies. His wife Andrea Elizabeth has twenty years experience in the education sector; she advises on pedagogical content and storyline. Daniel advises on game user experience, contributes to game development, and drinking all the smoothies!!!

What we have been doing

AIDA Technology has been developing this app for the past twelve months to get children walking outdoors more. This involved working with local schools by testing our ideas in focus groups with schoolchildren. The feedback helped our team to focus on the areas that children are interested in. We attended the Techmix Digital Summer Camp event in London to promote the app where 500 local schoolchildren visited the EdEggs workshop. We received very positive feedback about the concept of fusing technology and health together. A lot of our time has also been spent attending networking events around the UK to build corporate support behind the app. AIDA Technology hopes to address this by getting as many children as possible to use the EdEggs® app.


Our pledge of £4,500 will help us cover the costs of app programming and character animation, and also create an initial user base for our app. Supporters get access to our beta app, and an inflatable ball or complimentary t-shirt with EdEggs® designs. Other rewards include adding your name to the Hall of Founders within the app, and even becoming a celebrity - find out below...

What we are planning to do next

We are working with a selected group of schools. Once we reach a 2000 user base by the end of July 2014, we will move to the next stage of marketing, and partner with social-responsible corporate sponsors.

Stretch Goals

We are planning a few more exciting features. When we reach £6,500, we will add an egg & spoon bonus game. When we reach £9,500, we will add a trump card bonus game based on the EdEggs characters. When we reach £16,500, we will add a secure online dashboard for parents to keep track of their child's progress. When we reach £18,500, we will translate the app into six European languages - EdEggs® go international! When we reach 28,500 we will create a unique theme song and eight short films based on the comic strips - EdEggs® go to Hollywood!

Please note that the app, bonus games and dash board will be completed by August 2014. Multi-language version by September 2014, and short films will be completed by December 2014.

Thank you for your support

Thanks for looking at my ZEQUS campaign and checking out what we're trying to achieve. ZEQUS is completely free, so you know all the money you pledge will go straight to this campaign. By offering rewards, we are able to raise more money, if you have some ideas on what else we should offer, please leave us some feedback.

Your Pledge is completely secure

Pledging through ZEQUS is incredibly easy and totally secure. Your details are safe with ZEQUS as they will never share them with anyone. If you are pledging to a charity, ZEQUS processes all the Gift Aid on behalf of the charity, for free. Please support in any way you can, even a facebook share or tweet will help immensely. If you are able to pledge, that is incredibly kind and your support is hugely appreciated!

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Update #2

4th Jul 2014By EDEGGS®


Update #1

21st Jun 2014By EDEGGS®


We will give you a limited edition t-shirt for each five friends pledging to our campaign!!!

Just ask your friends to email us your name after they have pledged and we will send you our cool t-shirt when the campaigns is complete.










Geert Duysters







Good luck team!


Best of luck guys! It's a brilliant idea and I hope you take it the whole way.

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A big thank you from the EdEggs team.

Estimated delivery: Sep 2014.

3 backers

Our big thanks and you will receive a code to download EdEgg® on your smartphone or tablet. Your child can begin earning energy points straight away by walking outdoors and unlock all eight buildings, with 32 amazing characters to collect! Your donation is important to us. This will be help us cover the cost of developing a FREE app to benefit a larger number of children worldwide. Thanks for helping us making this happen!

Estimated delivery: Aug 2014.

10 GBP
5 backers

EdEggs® inflatable ball, featuring three key characters. Plus, you will receive a code to download EdEggs® on your smartphone or tablet.

Estimated delivery: Aug 2014.

20 GBP
2 backers

Standard-design edition EdEggs® t-shirt, featuring the ''It's Up to You New Yolk" motto. Sizes: Adult S, M, L, XL and Child ages 5/6, 7/8, 9/10. Plus, you will receive a code to download EdEggs® on your smartphone or tablet. Packaging and posting included.

Estimated delivery: Aug 2014.

30 GBP
3 backers

Exclusive to hundred fifty supporters, a limited-design edition EdEggs® t-shirt, featuring the ''Gaming Finds Its Feet" motto. Sizes: Adult S, M, L, XL and Child ages 5/6, 7/8, 9/10. Plus, you will receive a code to download EdEggs® on your smartphone or tablet. Packaging and posting included.

Estimated delivery: Aug 2014.

500 GBP
0 backers

We will create a personalised shield with your name that will be displayed in the Hall of Founders within the Clock Tower in New Yolk within the EdEggs® app.

Estimated delivery: Sep 2014.

4500 GBP
0 backers

You and your family become celebrities !!!

Our scriptwriters and character designers will transform you into four EdEggs® characters woven into the storyline of our game.

Estimated delivery: Sep 2014.

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