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In May 2012 we went to record in Gothenburg, Sweden. Now we need your help.

London, United Kingdom


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I Saved Latin

" Please support my fundraising campaign. "


This Campaign must reach the funding target of 600 GBP by 9.10am on 17.10.2012, BST for it to be successful.

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The Plan
After flying out to Sweden to record our debut EP we are looking for some help in releasing it to you.
Our plan is simple, by offering you a set of unique rewards in exchange for you donating money towards the cause, we will be able to afford to release this music to the world. At the level we are at, a physical release is essential so that we can sell to new fans at gigs and provide current fans with something that they can treasure.

After spending all of our own money on flying to Sweden and on the recording we are unable to afford the costs associated with releasing this ourselves, the help that you can give us would be invaluable to this project and would help us to concentrate the profits from future sales on the writing and recording of new material.

The Full Details
Altogether we are looking to reach a goal of £925 which will cover the cost of 500 CDs being printed, obviously we don’t expect a free ticket so we will be putting more of our own money on top of the £600 target on this page. Without your help this is a target we feel isn’t within our reach, at least not any time in the near future. Hitting the target would help us to make this a reality, however exceeding it would help us towards other things such a small run on vinyl, wider promotion and towards our work on bringing you the next release.
The project has been orchestrated by Luigi Lama, Alex Crowley, Alan Marks and Ryan Faers who together make up I Saved Latin and wouldn’t have been possible without Anders Lagerfors who recorded, produced, mixed and mastered what will be the finished product, Dave Collis who drove, designed for and organized us, and Nadine Bauer and James Butler who took photographs for the artwork.
In exchange for your support we have devised a scheme of escalating rewards that you can review in full on the right hand side of this page, we have tried to be as inventive as possible and will be putting our hearts into making them worthwhile for you.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this page and we do hope you decide to support us in our journey.

Alex, Alan, Luigi & Ryan.



Update #2

10th Oct 2012By I Saved Latin

We’ve set a date! please come and join us at the Trinity Bar in Harrow on Wednesday the 31st of October to celebrate with us, the release of our debut EP.

Anyone who has pledged on please fund us will receive free entry to this show, for those of you who haven’t/can’t then entry will be £3 (£2 if you come in fancy dress) and we will have copies available to sell on the night!

You can join the Facebook event here so get involved and share with all your friends. Support for the night comes from Birmingham’s Horrorshow and Local boys Spunky.

Also lots of sweets scary decorations and devilishly good DJs will end the night.

See you there?

Update #1

20th Sep 2012By I Saved Latin

Wow, just wow...

We are all completely stunned by the generosity everyone has shown us, your pledges along with the knowledge that you are supporting us has really meant the world to us. When we started this we weren't sure if we'd get anywhere near the target let alone reach it in such a short amount of time, the fact that we have smashed it so early on gives us such hope and confidence for this release and for the future.

Although we have reached the target set for this page we still have a little farther to go before this becomes reality, we still need to get a little closer to the £950 total which is required at the end of October, we've been overwhelmed with messages of support and people informing us of pledges they plan to make before the remaining 26 days are up, and we're now confident we can get quite close to this goal!
Once again thank you for all your support, we can't wait to deliver all the pledges to you!

Alex, Alan, Luigi & Ryan

I Saved Latin

Steve C

Adam McGregor

Hugh Lynch

jo cain

Hannah Crowley

Chris Van-Santen

Charlie Simpson

Robert Brister

Nunzio Lama

Graham Bertrand

James Tarrant

Laura Thompson

Debra Smith

Fiona Faers

David Biggs

Edward Crowley

Niall van Santen


Sarah Ives

Vicky Dow

tim crowley

Elizabeth Nickle

Ian Chidgey

Nicole Faers


Karen Crowley

Duncan Ash

Jane Buxton


Hayley Faers

A.D. Sjerp

Lisa WIlloughby

julie santese

Andy Marks

Louise Chestney

Gordon Smith


Charlotte Thirkell

Adam Inglis

Ben Hall

Paul Staite

I Saved Latin

11 backers

Receive a CD and Digital Download of the EP

Estimated delivery: Nov 2012.

10 GBP
6 backers

Receive a signed CD and digital download of the EP

Estimated delivery: Nov 2012.

15 GBP
5 backers

Receive a signed CD, digital download of the EP plus a unique individual photograph taken just for you with written thanks

Estimated delivery: Dec 2012.

20 GBP
6 backers

Receive a signed CD, digital download of the EP, a unique individual photograph taken just for you with written thanks plus your name in the EP liner thank you notes.

Estimated delivery: Nov 2012.

30 GBP
2 backers

Receive a signed CD and digital download of the EP, plus have a personalised t-shirt of your choice printed just for you.

Estimated delivery: Jan 2013.

40 GBP
2 backers

Receive a signed CD, digital download of the EP, a unique individual photograph taken just for you with written thanks plus handwritten lyrics to all of the songs on the record.

Estimated delivery: Dec 2012.

50 GBP
4 backers

We will write and record a song about a subject of your choice or about you, we will send this song directly to you to share with the world however you please.

Estimated delivery: Dec 2012.

60 GBP
1 backer

Receive a CD and Digital Download of the EP, Free entry to one I Saved Latin gig of your choice within the next year, plus Alex will cook you a slap up meal.

Estimated delivery: Dec 2013.

60 GBP
1 backer

Receive a one of a kind I Saved Latin designed satchel bag along with a signed copy of the CD

80 GBP
1 backer

Receive a CD and Digital Download of the EP, free entry to one I Saved Latin gig of your choice within the next year, plus Alan will cook you a slap up meal (He used to be a chef and is much better than Alex)

Estimated delivery: Dec 2013.

100 GBP
3 backers

A private show anywhere in the UK! want us to play at your party? your living room? your school? we will set up and play anywhere you can imagine.

Estimated delivery: Apr 2013.

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I Saved Latin

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