Iraq - A Changing Heart

A film that promotes a new way of thinking and viewing of Iraqi people by the west

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'Iraq - A Changing Heart' is an idea stemmed from a previous project set up by social enterprise 'a thin place' called 'Iraq – The Forgotten Story', here is a website detailing some more information about this previous project. (

'The Forgotten Story' was an idea that saw two members from 'a thin place' head for Iraq with one aim, to tell the forgotten story of the people in Iraq who are still living with the consequences of Saddam Hussain's actions and a country that was fraught with war. They linked up with a charity called the 'Pre-emptive Love Coalition', ( a charity in Iraq aimed at clearing the 30,000+ backlog of children that are waiting for lifesaving surgery. They also met with artists that are producing art that has been effected by the situations they have faced. A lot of what they produce has a message of peace, an art like no other.
'a thin place' photographed and documented their travels, they wanted to show the faces of these local people and artists. They wanted to tell the story these people had to tell the wider world. They bought artwork from the artists over there and exhibited it around the UK as well as running several workshops aimed at children and adults. All of this had a lot of interest and success.

Iraq – A Changing Heart will see more members of 'a thin place' head back to Iraq. The aim this time is to collect more artwork, create our own artwork, expand the exhibition and to make a documentary film. The film will follow the two members that were on the previous trip and catch up with the artists and people they met last time. We want to capture their stories on camera, giving Iraqi people a voice to the outside world of what it has really been like to be an Iraqi citizen within the last 50 years and how the Iraqi art scene has responded. The aim of the film is to promote a new way of thinking and viewing of Iraqi people by the west, to tell some of the incredible stories that these people have to share with us and to show off some of the amazing art produced by these people that has been hidden for so long. We really believe that this cultural divide caused by ignorance is one of the most destructive forces in our world. This film needs to be made so that we can all understand a common humanity, celebrate artistic diversity and enjoy each others company.

We are not trying to make a film that is pro or anti war. We are not trying to make a film that promotes a political agenda and we are not trying to make a film that criticizes western involvement in Iraq. We just want to let the people talk.

The social impact this could have in the UK is potentially massive. We intend to tour the artwork again, this time along with our film all across the UK. As we had some interest from other nations about our previous project, it is likely this tour will go across Europe and possibly America. We are also planning to run more workshops aimed at both school children and other community groups to promote cultural awareness and teach practical photographic, film and artistic skills.

We need your support to help us make this project a reality. We need funds to get us there, to buy more artwork, to help us live while we are out there for 2 weeks and to buy more equipment needed to make this film as good as it can be.

We have already received support in kind from some organisations and artists, this includes a pledge for a venue for the first exhibition and showing of the film.

We really want to show our appreciation to any support given and will be dedicated to involving all our supporters, making them feel a key part of the whole process and delivering something to them which will give people a new insight into the changing heart of Iraq.

Thank you for your support
the 'a thin place' team.



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John Maureen Morris

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Marian Smith

sadie smith

Paul Noyce

David and Maureen Redbond

Tom Allen

Katie-Louise McCallum

Daniel Atkins

Asha McKinnon

James Julie Hodson

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You will receive a personal email from the team thanking you for your help as well as a hand written post card of one of the most popular pieces of work and that amazing feeling knowing you helped our project get off the ground!

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You will receive a DVD of the documentary, so you will have something to remind you of what you have helped to achieve. Plus all of the above.

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Instead of just a regular DVD you will receive a special edition with extra bonus features and it will be signed by the directors! Plus all of the above.

50 GBP
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Here is your chance to have your name immortalized in film. We would give you a special thank you at the end of the credits! plus all of the above.

100 GBP
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All of the above plus you will receive a limited edition print. Choose from 1 of 4 pieces of work and we will sign it for you!

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Come meet the directors themselves, enjoy a complimentary glass of bubbly, and be a VIP guest at a viewing of the artwork and screening of the film! Plus all of the above.

500 GBP
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You will become an official sponsor of the project, meaning you will be named as a sponsor on the film, on any literature, on the official website and at any events/exhibitions. Plus all of the above.

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Now you can become a partner of the project. As a partner you will be listed on all related marketing channels, thanked at every public event and receive all the above. You will also receive a producers credit on the film and the team will take you out to lunch!

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You will have the opportunity to sit down with the directors for a private Q&A that will be filmed and the turned into bonus feature on the DVD. PLUS EVERYTHING ABOVE!


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Iraq - A Changing Heart

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