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Nobody expects to reach the neighborhood of Copacabana beach and find a visual with that. With this, one realizes that the city has much to develop with tourism, but not with mass tourism. It is not only important to have a vision of mercantilist gains from tourism. You must think about the aspect of sustainable and healthy activity and create actions to solves a problem that is ours ..

The modern architectural and urban heritage in the neighborhood of Copacabana, has been systematically debased, compromising its architecture and urban planning proposal which fall into the urban fabric and featuring as drawing. The focus of the approach seeks to highlight the interventions suffered over the decades, consolidation of architectural ensembles until today, as they present themselves, and to identify the needs and demands of change and commitment of public enforcement agencies face the rejection of modernity characterized the proposal Since its foundation as a promising neighborhood for its beauty, uniqueness and quality of life. Preserving cultural identity and memory means preserving its proposed urban colonial period, the art deco architecture of the 20s, 30, 40 as well as post modernism of the '50s and '60s.

What happens in Copacabana to press for its beauty and unique landscape vision and that hurts our sensibilities. Is coexistence, side by side, the architecture and the anti-architecture, which spreads; intelligence and anti-intelligence, vulgarity, development mired in underdevelopment.

That said, escapes the eyes of all the care that the City of Rio de Janeiro requires, with his vocation as a tourist and economic and, therefore, not be driven by speculative models of chaotic urbanization. The preservation of its modernity must be persistent and everyday just to its title of World Heritage Cultural and Natural Heritage of UNESCO. The memory has to stay alive, not having to rescue her in a hundred years and record in the annals of history and on the walls of a museum.

And this is my part, show the world, through a book a glorious past memory of a neighborhood being destroyed and buried by not knowing protect and enhance our greater good, the cultural heritage, historical, architectural and landscape, that this becomes the "Marvelous City".


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Prize: A Christmas gift of a book for each supporter, and that will include your name in the credits in the book.

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Prize: A Christmas gift of two book for each supporter, And That will include your name in the credits in the book

Estimated delivery: Dec 2012.

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Prize: A Christmas gift of two book for each supporter, And That will include your name in the credits in the book

Estimated delivery: Dec 2012.

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