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A young man must make the one decision that could change everything.

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What is this film about?

Logline: The film is the story of a young man's slow corruption and how in life there is always a personal reason to break a moral code.

Young man, Will Aims’ is slowly corrupted by the new system, as he rises to the top. Will lives in a society that demands choice, in which three corporations own the system. The new politics, gives people the choice between the three corporations, as Will rises to the top he begins to discover the truth behind the choice. Seeing the corruption that surrounds him, he is left with the most difficult decision he has ever had to make.
Actual Synopsis:

England has seen a political, economical and social change. The government has fallen, the banks have crashed, the old system fell into the hands of three remaining corporations. Young entrepreneur Will Aim's works his way to the top of the system. His moral compass and girlfriend, Skylar rejects the new system, seeing the bigger picture, she tries to open Will's eyes. Failing, the relationship ends and Will, still believing he is choosing the best route to have a happy life, works hard to reach the top. He slowly begins to uncover the truth, that Skylar saw all along. A chance meeting brings the two back together, with Skylar by his side Will has a life changing decision to make, but it is harder than he ever expected.

Why are we making this film?

We are a group of young filmmakers in our graduation year of film school in the UK. The graduation film unit is our opportunity to present the skills we have acquired, over the last two years. We want to challenge our abilities as filmmakers and produce a film of professional standard that we can use to advance our film careers and potentially give us good exposure in the industry.

The film explores a possible outcome of the current worldwide, political and economical position. As a group of young film makers, we want to make films that connect people to the world we live in. 

We hope to encourage people to look beyond what we are told, to investigate and gain an interest in what ever the heck it is that's going on in this current climate! 

And because we just love making movies!

A little bit more about the crew

We are a group of young filmakers studying, Film Production at Farnham UCA, a Creative Arts university in Surrey.

We began the course in 2010,  since then we have completed projects using a range of equipment, from a Steenbeck to the latest Avid editing suite, Bolex cameras to Arri Super 16mm cameras! We have also learnt a lot about ourselves along the way and a lot about the film making process. 

At the moment, we are working towards our graduation films, our personal portfolio projects, our professional futures unit and our dissertation! 

As a team and crew, we are all putting a tremendous amount of time and passion into our graduation project. It is a fantastic opportunity for us to demonstrate the skills we have developed during our time at Farnham UCA. We aim to produce a film that reaches a professional standard.

What will we be using the donations for?

As a team we are all putting an equal amount into the production. However as students on miniumum wage jobs and part time hours, we can't fund the project by ourselves! 

We need your help, to make this production the best it can be! We hope our passion about this project and our collaborated talents, will demonstrate to the industry what we can achieve as a group of young film makers!

The £2100 will help us towards:

Van hire: The total cost of a van for the 12 day shoot, plus four extra days comes to a total of £600. The van will enable us to take all of our kit to the filming locations and to a furniture warehouse in Manchester, to pick up all the furniture for the shoot! 

Furniture: We have arranged to hire furniture from a furniture warehouse in Manchester. The owner has been very kind in letting us use any furniture we need for no cost at all, on the basis that the company will be credited in the film! The cost of fuel for the van will be approximatly £200 for two trips to Manchester, much cheaper than hiring the furniture else where!

Kit: We are going to shoot with the Red One, using two sets of prime lenses, one lensbaby set and all the necassary extras for the Red One. Plus Arri Lighting kits. The total for the hire of the kit is £1300

Total: £2100

Thank you for taking the time to view our pledge! 





Update #6

12th Dec 2012By Florence

Thank you to everyone who made it possible for us to reach our goal!

We still have a lot of fundraising to do to be able to complete the project, any suggestions for fundraising welcome!

Please do not be concerned if you have received an email saying we have not reached our funding, there was a problem with paypal however no all has been sorted and we are ready to collect our funds!

A massive thank you to everybody we will be looking forwad to meeting you all at the wrap party!

Peace and Love the No Place team x

Update #5

6th Dec 2012By Florence

Thank you to everyone who has helped us to reach our goal!!

We need 3% more of this total, to pay the kind fellows at who have been so helpful and supportive.

Please continue to donate to our project in these last two days!

Peace and Love and many many thank you's,

The No Place team x

Update #4

4th Dec 2012By Florence

We are now 84% there with only £330 still to raise!!

We hope we can do that in 4 days, please do help in any way you can!!

The last round of auditions have been confirmed for this Friday, the production is well under way! All we need now is this funding to pay for our kit and van hire!!

Peace and Love the No Place team x

Update #3

2nd Dec 2012By Florence

We would like to give a huge huge thank you to everyone who has dontated so far.

Today, my wonderful mother and a dear friend helped us reach 70%!! Please keep spreading the word, only five days left.. well 4 and a bit of an evening!

Thank you everybody.

Peace and Love,

The No Place team x

Update #2

1st Dec 2012By Florence

We held the second set of auditions yesterday, both the director and I were very pleased with the talent!!

Next week, location recces all week and FINAL auditions on Friday!

ONLY 7days left for us to reach our goal, help in anyway you can!


Peace and love the No Place team x

Update #1

12th Nov 2012By Florence

Thank you to everybody who has donated so far :-)

The No Place team had a very busy week last week!

We had two full days of auditions, with some very promising actors/actresses. The second set of auditions will be held in London! We are very excited about meeting the new auditioners and welcoming back some of the people from the previous auditions!

We have raised 35% of our target so far, with your help we are that little bit closer to reaching our goal! Please continue to help us make this project a succes!

Peace and Love the No Place team x

Lucinda Parry

Aidan Chase

Andy Baines

Alex Vosper

Hannah Mockridge

Colin Smedley

Dawn Edwards 735

Janine Lowe

Aidan Chase


Christopher Hallam

Sonia, Theo, Maggie

Jessica Mpairwe

Val Cannock


Dawn Edwards 735

Dawn Edwards 735

Dawn Edwards 735


O Holworthy

Nick Allen

Herbert Eder

karen hallmark

Andrea Lenehan

Richard Dowman

Tracy Cooper

simon whiteley

Julie Harvey

Matt Cresswell

Alison Ward

Ian Gray


Dawn Edwards 735


Deb Leng


Sian and Steve

Owen and Jacob Pond

Barbara Brooks

Jess Harris

Carol Edwards

Judith Brenner


8 backers

Thank you for your contribution, towards making this film possible! Every donation helps!

Estimated delivery: Dec 2012.

10 GBP
7 backers

Thank you for your contribution! For your kind donation you will receive a digital collection of stills from the shoot!

Estimated delivery: Dec 2012.

20 GBP
9 backers

Thank you for your contribution! For your kind donation you will receive all of the above. Plus a digital copy of the film, once it has circulated festivals.

Estimated delivery: Dec 2012.

50 GBP
9 backers

Thank you for your contribution! For your kind donation you will receive all of the above. Plus a voucher for the film’s hair and make up artist’s beauty salon, in Richmond, South West London. You will also be featured in the credits with a special thank you!

Estimated delivery: Dec 2012.

100 GBP
5 backers

Thank you for your contribution! For your kind donation you will receive all of the above. Plus, tracks from the film's soundtrack, an executive producer credit and a chance to feature in the film!

Estimated delivery: Dec 2012.

200 GBP
2 backers

Thank you for your contribution! For your kind donation you will receive all of the above. Plus, a free ticket to the wrap party. Location yet to be announced!
Thank you!

Estimated delivery: Dec 2012.


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