Rhymes for Swines

A collection of sentimentally gruesome and grisly illustrated rhymes.

Dundee, United Kingdom


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*A HUGE thanks to the brilliant Ross Nicoll for creating and mixing the sound for this video*



Our goal is to complete an illustrated hardback book of 20 - 23 imaginative, fun and darkly comedic rhymes about love, death, stalkers, enraged lovers and other such bad eggs.

We want each of the rhymes to be illustrated by a different illustrator. Through this collaboration we want to raise awareness of up coming Scottish Art talent and make the book as enjoyable and as visually rich as possible.



The money raised by you guys would allow us to do the following:

1.)  Pay each of the 20 Illustrators a realistic amount of money. As much as we all love art and collaboration, we all know that even artists need to eat, pay bills, buy new pencils and feed their cats. These visionnaires are going to create some of the most creepy and wacky illustration you'll ever see

2.) Pay a graphic designer to give the book a really ace finish. We need a real talented chap or chap-ette to bring their own unique sauce to the table and bring it all together. We love books that have been crafted with love and an enthusiastic vision, and we're sure you do too. No half bludgeoning here - we're going straight for the kill. Actually - are you a graphic designer and reading this? Then by all means get in touch if this tickles your pickle  :)

3.) The 1st print run. Yup, that's right - we'll get 'Rhymes for Swines' down to the printers and get the 1st batch printed off, with you guys getting your copies before anyone else.

4.) We love all the little bits 'n' pieces of other merch, like Edward Monkton coffee mats. You may not be able to hear them, but your lives are crying out for 'Rhymes for Swines' t-shirts, stickers and tote-bags. If we're even luckier and go OVER our target, I'm sure we could arrange for you guys to have some coffee mats too. 



Call us old fashioned, but the reason we want it to be released as a physical book is because we've always believed that the physical book itself is its own piece of art. We love E-Books, don't get us wrong, but they're just 'content' and not something as tangible as a 'book'. The smell, the weight, the paper and the printing - they're all things that help define a book. Imagine if you were scentless, fingerprint-less. The stage of a pure meta-physical existence can't be too far away now, so we should enjoy physicality whilst we still can.

And anway, we have lots of surprises in store that only a physical book could pull off. One being a rhyme about a night stalker written and illustrated entirely in glow in the dark ink.

The book itself will be a 7" x 7" hardcover. We're basing the shape of it on a brilliant book called 'BEASTS'. It will give the designer plenty of room to play with, the illustrators more than enough space to work their magic and offer ample room for the rhymes.



The book can't be released without your help, so the second that you pledge or tell a friend you're automatically part of the team. That's why your name will be added to the book even if you donate the smallest amount which is £5. We're deeply appreciative of your kindness.

Incentive-wise we have a whole slew of goodies including: t-shirts, signed sketches, signed books, alternate designs that don't make the final book and, the big one, your own personal rhyme fully illustrated in the published book.



If we reach our goal, we'll post up a message here, on our website and Facebook page with a date asking for illustrators who are interested to send us examples of work or their websites. We'll respond to all entries and let the lucky 20 know shortly after. We'll need a bit of time to finish off the rest of the rhymes which we'll do as the entries are coming in. 

Our plan for selection is to put all the rhymes in one hat and all the illustrators in voila. We reckon that's the fairest and most fun way.

Shortly after, we'll put out a call for a graphic designer.



Ameena, Tom and myself are all huge fans of  Edward Gorey, Edward Lear, Roald Dahl, Spike Milligan and limericks/ creative writing in general. We spent most of our days at Art College making puns or telling jokes.

After I sent Ameena a creepy rhyme one night, I approached her and Tom and suggested that we write some more together; making a little homemade book of rhymes for our studio and friends. 

The more we discussed it, the idea of illustrating the rhymes logically transpired - Tim Burton's Oyster Boy being an almost perfect blueprint.

Thankfully our imaginations didn't stop running like lunatics and we began thinking of the possibilities of a mass collaboration; turning this into something much more than just a few pieces of doodled on scrap paper. 

Being graduates of Animation and Illustration, all 3 of us know how difficult it can be for graduates to get work noticed, so we fleshed out the possibility a bit more and came up with an idea: 20 rhymes published in a hardback book, with each rhyme illustrated by a different Scottish illustrator in any way they see fit. Not only would this be a fantastic creative project, merging art and literature, but it would serve as a platform to showcase the eclectic and imaginative range of talent we have here in Scotland.

It would be similar in a sense to the brilliant illustrated book 'BEASTS' - A collection of Mythological creatures illustrated by different artists.

Allowing the illustrator their own take on the rhyme would add so much variety and personality to 'Rhymes for Swines'.

Creative writing is one of the most important things to continuously produce, as it sparks peoples' imaginations and creativity. 

We feel that it's important that people don't lose that ability and the urge to collaborate and share with others. 

That's what we hope to achieve with 'Rhymes for Swines'.

We have a selection of the rhymes so far below and at our website and facebook pages. Some of them have test illustrations that myself, Ameena and Tom have created so that we had a lot of really interesting material to show you guys. Although no illustrators are on board at this point, we didn't want to upload nothing but blank rhymes.

So please, check out the video and the incentives and even just a little donation can go a long way. If you don't want to donate, no problem at all; but we would be very grateful if you could help spread the word and like our Facebook page.

Love Swines x


Update #2

2nd Nov 2012By Mark Grossi

One of our brand new rhymes. 

'Love is Skin Creep'

She was terribly disgusted and called it a sin,
My 'morbid fixation' with picking her skin.
Viruses, fungi, infections and bugs,
Wildly scoffed her epithelium drugs.
The body amazed me - a living Noah's Ark.
A 24 hour skin safari park.

I needed more time and there was much left to peel,
But every time I touched her she'd let out a squeal.
In this state of upset,
she would never have complied,
But three whacks with a mallet and she'd certainly abide.

The silence turned thick like the scent of a grave,
Now I could work for days upon days,
I'll keep going at it, as long as it takes,
to alphabetise and name all of her flakes.

Update #1

24th Oct 2012By Mark Grossi

'Rhymes for Swines' is featured on the amazing Creaturemag website!

Remember to keep on spreading the love and spreading the word; we can't do this without your help, guys.


Love Swines x

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First Time Killer Package! You'll not only receive a thankyou email from us, but your full name will be published in the book's 'Thank You' list!

Estimated delivery: Jan 2013.

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Smooth Sociopath Package! You'll receive the previous pledge's pleasures AND a signed copy of 'Rhymes for Swines'.

Estimated delivery: Jan 2013.

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Experienced Stalker Package! You'll receive the previous pledges' pleasures AND 3 signed prints of your choice, a hand written thankyou note AND a choice of either a 'Rhymes for Swines' t-shirt or tote bag.

Estimated delivery: Jan 2013.

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Big-League Butcher Package! You'll receive all the previous pledges' pleasures but this time you'll receive BOTH the t-shirt and tote-bag, an A3 'Rhymes for Swines' poster, a bundle of stickers and a surprise selection of hand signed prints of illustrations and rhymes that don't make the final book!

Estimated delivery: Jan 2013.

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Professional Killer Package! You'll receive all the previous pledges' pleasures AND we will write you your own PERSONALISED RHYME and send it to you handwritten in a good old fashioned envelope.

Estimated delivery: Jan 2013.

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The World's Greatest Lover Package! This is it - the ultimate pledge for the ultimate killer. You'll get your grubby mitts on not only everything in all the other pledges, but you will have your personalised rhyme illustrated and published in the actual book! We'll also send you a signed print and a special message for being 1 of the 3 greatest people on the planet :)

Estimated delivery: Jan 2013.


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