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Rum-a-dub swing funk and festival fuelled band need help for our debut album!

Liverpool, United Kingdom


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This Campaign must reach the funding target of 5000 GBP by 8.11pm on 24.12.2012, GMT for it to be successful.

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Hi we are Rumjig.

We are an independent band who want to make an album that we can all share with you personally, without a record label taking an unfair cut.  What we are after is a self created and lovingly crafted masterpiece but we cannot do it without your help. is a great site that will allow the public, fans and friends to invest in our music, help promote us and get some amazing new music out there.

Even just a small pledge from you means a future investment in some fantastic, independently created, grassroots music. If you then share this video - talking to someone about it, a share on your social networking site, emailing a friend the link, etc - you can help us spread the Rumjig message far and wide. Any support we can get to help us on our way is hugely appreciated.

We believe in the power of people creating something larger together.  Recording, producing, mixing, mastering and pressing an album is an expensive and time consuming affair. A small contribution from each of you will help us to do this, and in return you'll receive your very own limited edition CD of the album, plus other goodies, and the satisfaction of keeping alive homegrown music.

Your involvement makes this album as much yours as it is ours. When you listen to it you can say “I helped make that happen”.

Over the years we have built up a brilliant network of locally talented friends/musicians/sound engineers etc who we'll use to ensure we will get the best quality engineering, producing and mixing that your money can buy.  This keeps the process localised and contributes to a thriving independent music community.

Reasons to invest?!

* You’ll get our first Album and many other treats delivered to your door.

* You’ll have taken part in a community funded project producing an independent album.

* You will have helped create the first step to launching the rest of our musical career.

* You’ll be apart of helping our music get out there to hopefully make endless amounts of people happy and dance to ignite their lust for life.

Rum on and Jig out! Caammmaaaaan people, we can do this!!!!!!!!..oi




Update #5

27th Jan 2015By Rumjig

Hey Rumjiggers, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! :-)

Thought it was about time we gave you an update on the progress of our album. It may appear we have gone off the radar but we have actually been locked away recording, editing, mixing and getting the band up to speed with a new drummer and shimmering brass section.

We thank you for your patience and hope to have a completed album for you by the summer.

We have released a single which can be downloaded for FREE here:

We really do appreciate all your support so far but please help us a little further in the meantime but downloading our FREE single and sharing the link with your friends.

Also check out this cheeky little video we made:

Thanks again, we hope you are all having a great start to the 2015 and to see you all soon. Xxxxx

Update #4

3rd Feb 2013By Rumjig

Hey all. Just a quick update to let you know where we are up to.

January has been a very busy month for us. Although on the surface we seem very quiet, we are actually working our little socks of at Rumjig HQ and in our studio/practice space.

We are writing, recording and finalising all the pre-production. This is so when we come to record in the studio we will be ready, well as ready as you can be. You all know the saying "fail to prepare, prepare to fail" well we're preparing.

We are booked into the studio on the 15th of February and we will be in for a solid 10 days recording.
In the mean time we are building up our following so that when we release the Album we can cast out to a wider audience.

You can still assist us with this part by sharing our videos and talking to people about us. Particularly inviting people to 'like' our Facebook page is really appreciated.

We are also taking bookings for this summer and the festival season. It’s going to be another amazing year for us by the looks of things.

Thank you for you support, we are so happy to be doing this at last.

Warm Regards


Our next gig is the 8th of March at Liverpool’s Threshold festival.

Update #3

24th Dec 2012By Rumjig

Hey all. It's official, we have hit the target with a whooping great £5215.50. All done and on to stage 2 now..
We hope you all have a super boss Christmas.
We couldn’t have hoped for a better Christmas present so thanks to everyone that has supported us on our Rumjig Album adventure.
We are very lucky people indeed to know so many lovely and supportive people.
Much merry love and christmas hugs to one and all.
**Love Rumjig**

Update #2

4th Dec 2012By Rumjig

Hey everyone.

We're now a whopping great 2/3 of the way through the Album project.

We did say jokingly, that if we hit £3000 by 2/12/12 we would eat a massive can of Spam.

This will then re-address the balance of us spamming everyone with our funding link.

We said we would do it so here it is. Rumjig eating Spam.

Thanks for all your pledges, without them we would never have been able to do this.

** Rumjig **


ps . Dont try this at home.

Update #1

22nd Nov 2012By Rumjig

So we're 1/3rd of a way through our Album Fundraiser, time sure does fly when you're having fund! 

We'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone that has already pledged so far, and also to those that have spread the word, we are overwhelmed and touched by the generosity shown in supporting us. Please keep pledging and sharing, we can do it!!

Here's a track we've just recorded as a teaser of what to expect from us in the future. It's currently a work in progress, but just imagine how good it could sound eh?

Thanks again, keep it Rum. x

Omer Tonguc

Edith Gordon

Abi Davies

Jon kassell

Paul Golding

Graham Judas Baldwin

Marco Maria Rossi

Dave DaveDave

Neil Gouldson


David Hobson


Matthew Groves


joseph earley

Christopher Hakeem

Edd Ned Johns

Tom Lox


Matt Hallsworth

jack hobson

mandy williams


Corina Olga Doran

Brendan Burton

Darren Kearns

Simon Hewitt

Al Baggott

Greg Halls

Steph Kübler

Sarah hall

Mandy Phillips

Greg Tiernan


Pixie Baker


Helen warrington

Peter Craven


Mark Forshaw

Sally Sutton

Eggnog Hughes

Angela Roy

Tom Brett

Ant & Shell

Sarah Waddington

Martin Baumgarnter


mandy williams

Sarah Chezza


rudi crone

Mark Ross

Adam + Rach

Jingo-Bells Jingo-Bells Jango-Alltheway

Derek Budd



Katerina Florence Grace Dauksta

James Benbow

Lauren Ward

Edward Musa

Mick Routledge

Clare Owens

Kay Carroll-Gray

Gareth Abreu


Michael O'Brien


georgina race

mandy williams

George Roberts


Matthew Cahill

Adrian Niezgoda

Ben Rowlands

Katie Abreu

Hannah Daniels

Emily Faircloth


Jessica Lindon

Ryan A

Ian Wignall

mark trevor


Becky Roberts

Simon Raby


Sam Fontana-Wright

kelly seasman

Steve Newell

Ivan McCloskey

Katy Vincent

Stephanie Preston

Alex Trowell


Katy Vincent

Nic Gibbs


ginger rogers

naomi foxcroft


Jimmy Maloney

Stephen Gordon

Dom Wark

Ian Gordon


James Baker

Jon kiely


pete whitfield

Elaine Anthony

Rosemary Chandler

Jim E Lee


Carly Hobson

Michael Smith

Tom Keane

Chris Lloyd

Barry Hulican


Les Budd

Joe Yates

Richard Anderson


Rachel Kennedy



Andy Moore


K Cross

Ian & Rachel


James Benbow

Katie Ward

Polly Ross

Alice Johns



Joanna Andrusiuk



Emma Leaper




Perri Alleyne-Hughes

Carmel Brown

Mikael Bellec


Steven Rich

Jamie Howie

Carla Burns


Rachel Lloyd

Ruth Buckley

Rashad Gregory

beth finnigan

Lorna Watts

David Thomas


Naomi Parker

William Brooks

Rob Hobson

Samy Morsy

Samy Morsy

Martin Putwain


Michelle Finlay

Stephanie Preston

nasra deria

Danny boyd

Tom Hyland

Steve Brown

Natalie BoJingles Levey

15 backers

Thank you! You have given us all big smiles!

Estimated delivery: Oct 2012.

10 GBP
74 backers

You will be the proud owner of our special limited edition debut album on CD.

Estimated delivery: Apr 2013.

20 GBP
37 backers

You will recieve a signed limited edition copy of the album and also a mystery Rumjig goody bag.

Estimated delivery: Apr 2013.

30 GBP
20 backers

You will get:
- A pre-release download
- Signed Ltd edition CD of the album
- Screen printed Ltd edition t-shirt
- Rumjig mystery goody bag

Estimated delivery: Apr 2013.

50 GBP
10 backers

You will get:
- A pre-release download
- Signed Ltd edition CD of the album
- A Ltd edition screenprinted hoody
- Special Rumjig inspiration pad (see pics)
- The mystery goody bag.

Estimated delivery: Apr 2013.

80 GBP
2 backers

You get: - The Pre-release download - A signed limited edition CD of the album - A screen-printed t-shirt - A Rumjig goody bag - A signed and framed photo of us - A limited edition zip-up jacket hoody and a special thank you Video song message from us all..( 10 available )

Estimated delivery: Apr 2013.

100 GBP
8 backers

You get:
- Pre-release download
- Signed Limited edition CD of the album
- A goody bag
- T-shirt
- Hoody
- A signed and framed framed photo.
- 2 free guestlist to one of our gigs (not including festivals)

Estimated delivery: Apr 2013.

100 GBP
4 backers

As well as the Limited edition album, we will also write and record a song on a subject of your choice: your partner/kids/you/fridge...We will send you the song and give you guest list tickets to one of our concerts where we will perform your song live!
In addition to all this you will also get our mystery goody bag.

Estimated delivery: Apr 2013.

250 GBP
2 backers

Aswell as the ltd edition album you will get 2 guestlist tickets to a festival (that we are playing at) where you get to hang out with us all weekend while we feed and supply you with banter and fun. (only 1 available)

Estimated delivery: Apr 2013.

500 GBP
0 backers

As well as the signed Ltd Album. We will perform an exclusive show at your home, birthday/wedding party etc, at a time to be mutually agreed (offer subject to extra cost for travel expenses and Pa hire)

600 GBP
0 backers

All of the goodies above with a special video message from us plus we will write your name in sausages on a busy part of the M62.

Estimated delivery: Apr 2013.

1000 GBP
0 backers

You get the whole lot.. The signed album, the hoody, t shirt, goody bag, video song message, singed photo, inspiration pad, A song written and recorded just for you. 2 guest list tickets to a gig, *A private acoustic show in your home and yes, your name written in sausages on a busy part of the M62!! ( *Private acoustic show subject to extra fuel costs if we have to travel a long long way)

Estimated delivery: Apr 2013.


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