Street Art Sounds: An Interactive Street Gallery Experience

An app that allows you to immerse yourself in a unique art and audio experience.

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Hello my name is Milly Chowles and my project is an interactive app that tells the story behind street art on location, I’m looking for just £500 to cover the publishing costs. So far I’ve produced the prototype (time and expenses) with no funding whatsoever so anything you give towards this really is gratefully received and each donation level has a pretty cool reward associated with it.  I’m a woman on a mission so please excuse the slightly rough and ready project video, but I have just over a month to get this ready for the urban creative outpouring that is  See No Evil on August 17th.

The app is a kind of ‘audio-visual’ tour or gallery guide to street art that will be launched alongside the See No Evil street art festival in Bristol.  The app is all about enjoying street art on a deeper level and getting a unique insight into the artists behind each painting. Each piece is a montage of interview, music and visuals and ambient sounds that enhance your enjoyment and connection to the graffiti as your standing in the street looking at it. Click here to access the audio slide shows that I made for Bristol Street Artists; Andy Council and China Mike that will be embedded into the app and be activated simply by clicking on the markers on the map as you wander around.

During this years event I will be interviewing 10 high profile street artists whilst they paint and spray the walls of Bristol. This event has been getting national and international coverage and  my supporters who help me towards the cost of the publishing will get exclusive insights into what is going to be an incredible cool and crazy week of manic production, spray can fumes and street art stories.

The project idea came from a project I undertook that involved pasting QR codes next on the street next to pieces of graffiti – have a look at this video to find out where it all started  and also how people have enjoyed the project so far. As you can see this it enhances peoples connection to and understanding of the artists and their work.

I've been getting this project off the ground whilst setting up an independent production company Hear Me Now Productions, being in the final year of a BA Hons degree in Radio Production, working in 3 jobs and generally running around like a loon. So far I've made it happen on relentless optimism, dreams and IOUs- oh and the usual blood sweat and tears (I've never made an app before and still consider myself a bit of a numpty when it comes to technology- but that hasn't stopped me). Thanks for showing an interest in my work, I have big dreams and ambitions for this project and hope you will help make that possible.


Update #2

10th Aug 2012By Milly Chowles

Target hit- thank you all so much, everyone who contributed, shared, tweeted and supported- you are all amazing! The app went live on the appp store this morning and production of new content will start on Monday.


I'll also be working with Young People from the Creative Youth Network over the production process. I'm really excited to start getting the rewards out to you special people.


Milly x

Update #1

21st Jul 2012By Milly Chowles

Hello Friends and supporters,

Firstly - WOW!!! Thank you all so much for the overwhelmingly positive response so far. I was astounded that in 2 days we nearly raised half the publishing costs and now; 10 days on- we have nearly raised 90% of the target, absolutely amazing stuff.You guys also generated 95 shares on facebook and 35 tweets and the project has been featured on an Australian digital arts blog, Webgrrrlz. I've also just written a blog for for the fantastic burlesque artist Tuesday Laveau. What do you mean you don't see the connection between burlesque and street art apps? Well it's all about being a badass in whatever you do, apparently (her words not mine).

We're not quite there yet and I have an inkling that this last 10% may be the hardest bit, but with one final push I have no doubt we can get there.

I've been making some progress on the app itself- I've added a live twitter page and some live links to websites- I even wrote a bit of code which made me feel proper geeky (in a very good way). I've also had a meeting with organisers at See No Evil and it looks very likely that I'll be involving young people from one of Bristol's community projects in the production week .Hopefully it'll be a great experience for them to help out with the photography, editing and interviewing.

I am almost ready to publish now just waiting on the locations that this years artists will be painting in, and then it's go go go!

I also won the University of Gloucestershire Enterprise award for this project you can read the article here. Hooray!

Huge thanks again,

Milly x


Hannah Marable

Andy Lake

Rob Webster


Don Kong

Iris Priest


Jon Bennett

Louise Boyland

Tony Chowles


mike limb

Richard Pitt

George Morgan

Rick Vick

Ivana Van der Fluf

Vanessa Lanham-cook



Lucy Doris Heard

10 backers

A credit on the website as being an integral part of the project, my enormous gratitude and a hug if I bump into you.

4 backers

A credit on the website as being an integral part of the project, and an email of thanks with screen grabs and works in progress shots that you can print out and display with pride containing lots of great pictures of Bristol street art. My enormous gratitude and maybe even a hug?!

15 GBP
1 backer

A hand customized printed screen grab of the app with a personalized thankyou message, to hang on your wall and display with pride and everything in reward 2. Plus a credit on the website and a hug (optional!)

25 GBP
3 backers

Exclusive tit bits from the production process including links to full length interviews with artists at See No Evil as the painting process is in full swing. Plus everything in the previous reward and a warm hug is guaranteed if ever I see you!

50 GBP
0 backers

A credit on the app itself on a special page that will be created to thank my kind and lovely kickstarter supporters plus everything in the previous reward and some exclusive tit bits from the production process including links to full length interviews with artists at See No Evil as the painting process is in full swing.

100 GBP
1 backer

A video dedicated to you! You will not only be credited on the app itself but on of the videos will have your name embedded in to it with a message of thanks. Plus all the lovely goodies in the other rewards like exclusive footage and audio and memorabilia from the street art event.

150 GBP
1 backer

A specially edited audio visual experience (3mins) produced exclusively from me to you, of the event and my adventure that couldn't have happened without your generosity. Your name on the app in graffiti style on the wall background. I will endevour hunt you down some special goodies such as signed memorabilia and send you daily updates from the event itself as well as all the other gifts outlined in the previous rewards.


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Street Art Sounds: An Interactive Street Gallery Experience

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