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ZEQUS is a platform that gives everyone the chance to make their ideas happen (from anywhere in the world). It is a place for people who want to be a part of something new and exciting. A place to help creativity flourish and a place to fund extraordinary causes!

A Little Blurb On Who We Are

Ok, so back in 2011, Tarkan and James came up with a great idea on how to help people raise money for anything! Sound like a fairly bold and ambitious project, well it was. The first step was getting a website up and running that would enable people to set themselves a fundraising target and a time limit to reach the target. The really smart thing about what they did was one simple addition to the bog standard fundraising websites that already existed: they allowed the fundraiser (the Campaign Owner) to offer rewards to their supporters. This simple addition to a normal donation page ended up making it so much easier for people to raise money and also allowed fundraisers the opportunity to properly thank people for their support.

Fast forward a few years and what started off as a tiny two man operation has grown into a team of more than ten (it keeps growing - check out our Careers Section), and an international fundraising platform that has already helped thousands of people successfully raise money for charities, causes and personal projects from all over the world (the good news is that in spite of our growth, we are still completely free to use, we don't charge any commission on money raised and charities get to use us for free as well).

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What We Do

The core principles are exactly the same as they were when ZEQUS was started. Fundraisers set up a page with a fixed fundraising target, set a deadline of no more than 55 days to raise the money and offer rewards to people that give money to the campaign at different levels.

Over the last couple of years, we have made the process even easier for people wishing to fundraise for charity. We now have verified charity members, so that anyone raising money for these charity members can be assured that all funds raised will go straight to the charity's accounts and we'll process the gift aid on behalf of the charity as well (for free).

Apart from that it is essentially the same old platform that our two founders set up all the way back in 2011.

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Why Does It Work So Well?

After much debate and internal analysis, we have worked out that the biggest reason ZEQUS works is because it is not just a simple donation site. What does that even mean? Well, we can all set up a page and beg for people to give us money, but after the third or fourth request for a donation for the London Marathon has gone round the office, it all starts to get a bit tiresome (and we all start feeling a bit poorer for having given over our hard earned cash as a donation).

Where ZEQUS fundraisers can really differentiate themselves, is that they can offer pledge rewards. These rewards are the keys to the kingdom, so much so we have written a whole blog on what makes a good reward!

Effectively, by offering rewards, the average pledge through ZEQUS is over £40. This is compared to the average donation to charity of just £10 through other sites.

The average successful fundraiser on ZEQUS raises over £1000 for their chosen charity, no other donation site can even come close to that.

Check out our blog on Offering Rewards To Raise More For Charity


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We are a dedicated bunch that love nothing more than seeing your fundraising efforts get rewarded. Have a scroll down the team members profiles and if you hover on us, you should be able to get links to contact us directly. We don't believe in this hiding behind a ticketing system. Got a question, get in touch!

Tarkan Ahmet / Founder and UK MD

A techie. A collaborator. A passionate fundraiser.

Tarkan's role is to further expand the ZEQUS community, working with strategic partners and organisations to inform, educate and harness the powers of fundraising with crowdfunding within the UK, Europe and the other side of the pond. Based in London, Tarkan has previously sat on crowdfunding panels addressing filmakers in Cannes, students in Zurich and Euro Tech week experts in Ghent.

James Bailey / Co-Founder

James started his career at DunnHumby working on the Tesco Clubcard data. He founded Surf Berbere, a leading Moroccan surf school over six years ago. 

In 2011, James and Tarkan founded (under the name of PleaseFund.Us). With years of experience guiding small businesses through the difficult early start up stages, James has the perfect experience to help others obtain the funding needed to get their ideas off the ground.

Julio Peral / Web Developer

Julio is our front End Web Designer in house - with a passion for hand coding, open source software, web standards and Responsive web design. Before joining ZEQUS he created a number of websites for clients and was freelancing for companies.

Julio delivers technical support to our campaign owners and backers, as well as carrying out website updates and maintenance.

Steve Beyatte / Head Web Geek

Steve spends a fair old chunk of his time on the sunny coast of california and the rest of it working the depths of the tech world. 

He is our key to the kingdom as without him we are lost. If you can see something is broken, it may not be his fault but he can definitely fix it. You can drop him a line and if you fancy visiting him then drop him a message when you are in Santa Barbara!

Alison Botham / Charities Community Manager

Having spent a total of 4 years working for charities supporting young carers and disabled children, Alison joined the ZEQUS team as the Charities Community Manager, to drive forward the innovation in giving.

Crowdfunding offers the donor an opportunity to connect with the cause and the person, while also allowing the charity to capture loyalty and develop long term relationships.

Sergio Bartolome / Computer Engineer

Sergio is a Computer Engineer who has many years of experience in software development. He has successfully worked in desktop and web applications projects through which he has acquired strong skills in leading technologies.

He is passionate about using his skills and experience in helping people achieve their dreams. At ZEQUS, Sergio is responsible for the reporting side of the platform.


What is “living the dream”?

Getting up everyday with nothing to do but go surfing…….

surfer contemplating under a big wave

maybe, but probably not! We are looking for energetic people that are looking to find the perfect balance between their social life and good old-fashioned hard work. The reason being that you have to make the sacrifices to really get the pleasure from your passions.

Every so often a specific job role comes up within our rapidly growing company and we will put out an advert both on the website and through some of our partners, but more often than not our jobs are filled by people that we know and trust that have spent time working with us. That is the only way to really know whom we are dealing with.

Be Like Napolean Dynamite

How does this help you with your job application? Two things, one line e-mails saying you are a looking for a job and are really arty and creative won't get you a job. Secondly, if you are really serious about getting work in our London office, go the extra mile to prove it! Napoleon Dynamite was spot on when he was saying you’ve got to have “skills”.

Once you have sent us a mind-blowing CV we will have a look through it and see if there is anyway we can welcome you into the ZEQUS family. If we can’t help you directly then we are pretty well placed to put your application to a few of our partners and even the competition. All that we ask is that you put in the yards before you get in touch to show that you really are serious about working in one of the most exciting industries! Good luck!

E-mail our HR team or check out 'What We Are Looking For Right Now':





What We Are Looking For Right Now....


Web Developer (Last Updated 15/09/2014)

The Role

Our development team is growing rapidly. Our lead developer Steve is based in California and some of the team are based down in Exeter. We are looking to build up our London team. With this in mind we are looking for interns keen to show off their talents. The position is a great chance for a talented developer looking to work with a fantastic team on highly commended software, taking ideas from inception all the way to their final release.

It’s also a chance to work for a startup that has a relaxed, informal environment (even the CEO usually wears jeans and a t-shirt) that’s full of ambitious, friendly people. It’s also well funded, which means no scrabbling for VC rounds!
You'll get the chance to really make a difference to a product used by thousands of users every day.

Required Skills

You’ll know HTML and CSS back to front and inside out.

Good knowledge of jQuery, as well as when and where to use it.

A good appreciation of user centered design.

An understanding (and practice) of Web Standards, progressive enhancements and how to keep everything running smoothly.

Not be afraid of getting your hands dirty in some code. You may not be able to write it but working around it won't put you out of your depth.

Don't worry if you are not too familiar with the following, but it would help: experience in Expression Engine, LAMP stack management and Git deployment.


Graphics Designer

This position requires creative flair in spades. There is no set role, there are no set requirements, play with our logo, play with our colours, send us some samples and show us your are serious!

Examples of work that you will be involved on range from design of logos, to national marketing campaigns on the underground, through to competition designs. If you are serious about getting a full time role at PleaseFund.Us try showing us how our e-mailers should look by firing us an example that you have created!


Sales Team

We are on the hunt for high energy sales reps that are keen to grow the number of charities using ZEQUS as their preferred fundraising platform (why wouldn't they, we are completely free!). If you think that you might like to help charities raise more and are good on the phone, get in touch for this role that doesn't require extensive technical ability, just all round enthusiasm and a love of online fundraising.



We are looking for two new interns keen on working for In doing so they will gain invaluable experience of working at an incredibly vibrant startup. If you think that you may be interested, then get in touch. We can't guarentee a job at the end, but to date over 30% of our employees have managed to convince us of their suitability for a full time role through spending a couple of months interning with us. 

Don't worry we will make it worth your while, in your first month we will pay for your travel costs and a low basic salary. If you really prove your value you will find yourself with a full time role. 



ZEQUS is a trademark of PleaseFund.Us Ltd, a privately owned company based in West London that provides an online platform for people to raise money for creative ideas from anywhere in the world. We place an emphasis on ease of use, reach and our community.

We’re widely recognised as a pioneer in the online fundraising space worldwide and our team are more than happy to travel to spread the fundraising gospel. 

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