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Why should I use ZEQUS?

Our unique ability to get charity fundraisers and personal campaigns funded in an incredibly short time span has meant that thousands of people have come to us to get their brilliant campaigns funded. We are completely free to use and we don't charge the charities to use us. If you want us to help with your fundraiser, we have a team of ZEQUS Angels on hand to give you as much or little help as you need. Just drop us an e-mail to if you have some questions.

The platform is really simple and secure to use. We use Paypal, GoCardless and Stripe to process all the funding transactions and we do not keep the money in our bank account, it is a pre-authorised payment that flows directly to the campaign owners or linked charities accounts within 7 days of the campaign owners clicking through to 'collect cash'.

If a campaign fails to achieve the full funding, then the backers have the option to request their pledged money to still go to the campaign. This is a unique proposition from all the other fundraising sites out there, and gives everyone the security and options required to make a great campaign. Charity fundraisers will find that most of their supporters want their pledges to still go through to the charity regardless of whether the target is met or not. 

Already, ZEQUS has the largest social network following for all of our campaigns, we have the strongest community and we are always investing in new technology to make your fundraising efforts easier, more efficient and more effective. For more information on how ZEQUS works, please go to HOW IT WORKS.

Is it true that ZEQUS is completely free?

ZEQUS is completely free to use for campaign owners. If the campaign is unsuccessful pledged money is not transacted unless the backer has specifically requested that the money go to the campaign regardless of whether it was a success or not.

At the end of a successful campaign, the campaign owner will be asked to agree to the Pledge Fulfilment Contract and whether they would like to leave a tip/service charge to ZEQUS from the money that has been raised. This service charge is completely optional but anyone that leaves us a tip is really helping us carry on doing what we love doing: helping raise money for good causes and campaigns!

Payment processor fees (all platforms have payment processor fees, but most don't tell fundraisers what the costs are. Our transactions are handled by secure 3rd party payment processors) vary between 1.4% to 4% for Paypal, depending on the sizes of the transaction. However, If possible, push backers/donors to support you using GoCardless as their fees are an incredible flat 0.5% fee that is capped at £2 for pledges of over £200 or more.

What happens if the campaign fundraising target isn't met in time?

Unfortunately, you are not able to extend your deadline. But, all is not lost, with the ZEQUS Stretch Funding, some of your backers may have decided that they still want you or your chosen charity to receive their pledged money. 

On top of this they have exonerated you from having to deliver the pledge rewards because they know that you may not have the full funding required to make your campaign happen. 

If you don't want to receive these funds, that is also fine, you can simply not collect the cash at the end of the campaign (no money is transacted on ZEQUS until you click COLLECT CASH at the end of your campaign).

The default setting for supporters making a pledge is that their pledged payment will be cancelled if the campaign doesn't reach the funding target. In these cases, no money is ever transacted and the pledged payments are cancelled.

There are never any refund costs associated with using ZEQUS!

What is the process when the fundraising target is reached?

The first thing that happens is an automated e-mail will be sent out to all the campaign's supporters saying thank you. We'd recommend that the campaign owner also send an UPDATE as well. 

No money will be transacted until the end of the campaign, but once the deadline has passed, the campaign owner will receive an e-mail outlining the COLLECT CASH process. It is a short two step process that then enables us to process the pledged payments. 

This then starts all the transactions going through and all the pledged payments are taken from the supporters bank/credit/debit/paypal accounts (whichever option was used to make the pledge) and sent directly to the campaign owners accounts or in the case of charity fundraisers, directly to the charity's accounts.

What does "Stretch Funding" mean?

Stretch funding is the ZEQUS fundraising model where Campaign Owners must reach a fundraising target within a set timeframe to be sure that all of the pledged money will go to their campaign. As a condition of receiving the pledged money, the campaign owner agrees to deliver all the pledge rewards to the backers, even if the money is going directly to charity.

If a fundraising target isn't reached then each supporter has the choice as to whether the campaign will still receive their pledged money or not. If they choose to still make their pledge, then they are not guaranteed to get their pledge reward as the campaign owner may not have sufficient funds to complete the campaign.

This low risk model works amazingly well for charity fundraising campaigns as the target really rallies the crowd, yet as the fundraiser you can be assured that most of your backers will want their pledge to go through to the charity you are supporting even if you fail to reach the ambitious target you have set yourself. 

No other fundraising site offers this solution for fundraisers.

Can I change my profile name?

Of course you can. You can call yourself anything that you want, just don't be naughty. To do it, just click on My Account, log yourself in and then under My Profile just change your username.

What do I need to put in my campaign video?

This is your chance to shine. You are trying to persuade people that you have the most brilliant idea and that they should be putting their money behind you. Explain what you are doing, why you are doing it, how long it is going to take you to do it and then how much it is going to cost you to do it. Once you have got that out of the way, explain what you are offering up as your pledges. It is really important to be clear and explain fully what each pledge involves and why someone would want it.

Making a funding video is really worthwhile, we have found that campaigns with videos raise much more money. Whilst it doesn't have to be a professionally shot video pitch, just by having yourself on the camera will completely change the dynamic of your fundraising campaign. 

Remember be creative with your pledges, most of us have enough coffee mugs. Saying that if it is a particularly good one, we could always do with some more in the office! For some tips on making a great video check out the Campaign Incubator.

Who is responsible for ensuring rewards are delivered?

Once a campaign has reached its funding target, the campaign owner enters into a contract with you and everyone else that has pledged to the campaign, committing to fulfil the pledge rewards and deliver upon their promise within a timely manner. This is effectively the campaign owner taking all responsability for the delivery of your pledge rewards.

Each pledge reward has an estimated delivery date for when you can expect to receive your pledge reward. Remember, these are only estimates so keep an eye out for ‘campaign updates’ where the campaign owner will give you more details.

The crowdfunded monies are not released to the campaign owner until they have agreed to, and signed the Pledge Fulfilment Contract. Copies of all contracts are held safely and securely at ZEQUS HQ.

Can I pay by cheque or cash?

You can pay via a UK bank transfer, a credit or debit card or even paypal not other platform offers this level of functionality and support for backers. Sadly, we can't take your cash off you, nor are we able to put a cheque through the system. We will always welcome someone in for a coffee though!

How do I start my campaign?

To start a fundraising campaign just click CREATE above!

Can a Campaign Owner end a campaign early?

The ZEQUS system is fully automated and all the pledges that have been made are pre-authorised payment tokens with very specific information about when the payments can and can't be made. So even if you have been successful with days to spare, we are not able to change the end date for the campaign.

We apologise for this in advance as it does seem that some people raise the money very quickly and then have to wait quite a long time to receive their funds. From our perspective, it means that our system is very clean, we never touch any of your money raised and we know that it works well. 

Just make sure that you leave enough time at the end of the campaign deadline date to process the payments (up to one week). 

What happens if I hit my fundraising target?

If you are successful, you will get an e-mail the moment you have reached your target. At this point it is really nice to post an update to say thank you to your supporters. Then at the end of the fundraiser, you will receive another e-mail with advice on how to go through and collect your cash. 

If you are raising money for charity, you still need to go through and click Collect Cash and agree to the Pledge Fulfilment Contract, then we will process the payments and all the money will flow directly to the linked charity's accounts. ZEQUS never hold the funds. 

If you don't quite make it, check your campaign dashboard as there may have been some backers that wanted you to still receive their pledges (or in charity fundraisers, still wanted their money to go to your chosen charity), so again, you will need to go through and click COLLECT CASH and agree to the Pledge Fulfilment Contract. 

Any questions, just give us a shout on

Why should I give money to a campaign?

REWARDS = Happiness…. Campaign owners put up brilliant ideas to stretch the level of support you provide. This could include exclusive experiences, brilliant gifts, samples, discounted products, benefits and more! Don't be surprised if you find yourself browsing the site just looking for bargains!

TALES OF SUPPORT = Lots of campaigns are new ideas and at the forefront of innovation which you are able to be a part of. The campaigns will only happen if people like you support them and engage with the campaign through the updates, videos, etc.

Lastly, you should support campaigns because they are brilliant and you are very kind! Oh and it isn’t Just Giving, you get something awesome in return for support!

What currency does the campaign have to be in?

You can set up your campaign to be listed in any of the main currencies around the world. On top of that, you can receive funds in any currency. Just make sure that if you are using Paypal that you have gone into your paypal account to set it up to receive multpiple currencies (very easy to do).

Where else can I see ZEQUS?

We are everywhere! We are major sponsors of mass participation sporting events (marathons, triathalons, iron mans – you name it we like it!). Online we promote every project through our facebook community, twitter followers, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus, StumbleUpon, DiggIt to name but a few. Our team is constantly blogging/posting tweeting about what you do because we want to see you succeed.

Once you have got the funding we are keen to stay in touch and hear how you are progressing. We love to see great ideas and campaigns to go forwards and if there is anything that we can do to help you grow, we will try to do it, just ask!

How do I apply for a job at ZEQUS?

Tell us why you want to be a part of one of the fastest, most interesting fundraising companies in the world -, but before you do, please make sure that you check out what we are looking for first on our ZEQUS Careers page


How do I close my account?

Just drop us an e-mail and we'll remove your account.

Be warned that once you go for this option you are permanently deleting your account and all the information held. We are not interested in keeping hold of people's details that are leaving us, so everything is taken from our servers. There is no reactivation process. If it is our newsletter messages that are bugging you, but you still like the site and may come back another day, why not unsubscribe from them (simply by clicking Unsubscribe at the top of the e-mailers).

Anyway, all that remains to be said is that if you do decide to close your account, or and want us to do it for you, we will obviously be sorry to let you go and if you could let us know why you have decided to switch off that would be very kind (two line e-mail to would amazing) and we can sort it out straight away for you. 

Who decides whether a campaign lists on ZEQUS

Unlike other sites, there is no vetting before a campaign can go live on Whenever you feel your campaign is ready to go live onto the main site just click ACTIVATE and link up your payment details. If you don't have a Paypal, Stripe or GoCardless account it is completely free to do and takes less than a minute.

We are not the gatekeepers, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to raise money for causes that you really care about. That is also why we are completely free! Give us a shout on if you have any questions about any part of the process and we'll try and get back to you within 24hrs. 

Can anyone help improve my campaign?

The team of ZEQUS Angel’s are waiting to help you with your campaign. Whatever your question, get in touch and they’ll give you a few pointers and ideas on how to make it more appealing to the community. At the end of the day, it’s your campaign, so you have to drive it and make it happen.

If you want to read up on some hot tips on your own, be sure to check out the CAMPAIGN INCUBATOR for some help.

Can I use Facebook to login?

Yes, we would positively encourage you to do so. Why you may ask? Well we will never publish anything without your permission! It is more to enable you and your friends to really promote great campaigns and help them go viral. We have invested in making our website fully integrated with a great facebook experience and hopefully as a campaign owner, you will see then when your friends and network can really easily share your campaign.

As a supporter, by logging in via facebook, you will see other friends supporting campaigns on ZEQUS, you will see what activity they are doing througout the site, which are the campaigns that they like. In addition to this, you can see if some of the supporters to an individual campaign are mutual friends, this may help you build trust with the campaign.

If you have already set up an account and want to link it with your facebook account this is really simple, just click on the facebook connect in your My Profile area, and you'll never have to remember yet another online password to access our site.

Is the amount that I funded public?

The amount that you funded is not public knowledge. The campaign owner will be made aware of how much you pledged should the project be successful in reaching the funding target, or if you have requested that the pledged money be transacted regardless of whether the campaign is successful or not. However, the public will not know how much you pledged. They will know that you supported the campaign via your username as it will appear amongst the backers (behind the video for the project) or if you wish to remain anonymous you can make the pledge as a guest. 

You are also able to change your visibility settings so that your details and profile remain private. Just go to the Members area under the Settings tab and you should be able to see the options at the top. 

How does ZEQUS work?

We have created the HOW IT WORKS page so that you can have a quick overview of how ZEQUS works if you are supporting a campaign or if you are interested in funding a campaign. However, a quick summary might be that we are a fundraising platform for pretty much any idea or campaign to raise money on. What makes us unique is that we use state of the art technology, backers only make pledges (no money is transacted until the end of the campaign), campaign owners can raise money for themselves or directly for charities and finally, they can use pledge rewards to entice people into supporting them! 

Think there is a lot to take in, well there is! In essence it is all quite straightforward. Campaign owners set up their funding pages, supporters go around and find campaigns that they like and choose a pledge level that they want to fund/support that campaign at. If enough people chip in for the campaign to reach the funding target then all the pledged payments get processed and the campaign owners set about doing what was promised in their campaign and delivering the pledge rewards that they offered! 

Do I have to make a fundraising video?

PLEASE PLEASE DO! We can't emphasise this enough, even if it is done with your friends iphone and involves you sat in a swivel chair lifting up some images from your campaign, this is going to give you a better chance of reaching your funding target. Whilst you can get your campaign to go live without even having a funding video prepared, we have done some studies and a video will actually help you raise an additional 45% and also mean that people stay on your page taking in all the information for an average of 3 minutes extra!

All you need is a smartphone with a good camera, a few minutes to write a short script on WHO you are, WHAT you are doing, and WHY you are doing the fundraiser. Then just record it and post it up to Youtube of Vimeo and copy the link across to your campaign page when you are in EDIT mode. (Keep it short... less than 3 mins)

There is no set format to the videos, amazing computer games have done highlights, films have raised money using a little snippet clip, and fashion designers have showcased their existing ranges. To see some of our tips on making a good video go to our CAMPAIGN INCUBATOR.

How do I contact ZEQUS?

Drop us an e-mail at or give us a bell in the UK on 0207 386 0860 or in the US on 805 613 7723.

We love good correspondance so if you do fancy sending us a little postcard we will be sure to reciprocate!


PleaseFund.Us Limited (UK)

Centenary House,

The Queens Club,

Palliser Road,


W14 9EQ.



PleaseFund.Us Limited (US)

1 North Calle Caesar Chavez,

Suite 102,

Santa Barbara,




Who started ZEQUS?

James Bailey and Tarkan Ahmet were the brave two back in 2011, that set out with a vision to create a global platform that allowed people with creative projects to raise money for their ideas. What started out in their bedrooms across London, Stevenage and Santa Barbara has now grown into one of the world's largest online fundraising sites for creative, charitable, cause and enterprise campaigns.

Mr Steve Beyatte came on board to develop the website and head up the US Santa Barbara Tech HQ and over time our community of supporters and backers has grown into a globally interconnected network of people wanting to see great ideas come to life.

The founders are very grateful to the thousands of people kind enough to be part of the community who have helped ZEQUS on its way! See more about the team on our ABOUT US page.

If I realise that I can't complete my pledge rewards, what can I do?

The most important thing is to keep your supporters and backers up to date with developments; take them on the journey. Everyone knows things happen and cause delays – let your supporters know, give them revised delivery dates, offer them alternatives, etc. 

Please also get in touch with our team to let them know that you are having some issues so that we can update people that contact us directly as well. Just drop a mail to

What are the campaign updates for?

You are embarking on a journey. The people supporting you are the wind behind your sail. Keep them updated on what you are doing. The average person takes up to seven messages, or reminders to get round to supporting. If you use the supporters who have already being kind enough to dip into their wallets to be your driving force to getting a social media storm going, then all of your network, friends of friends, will hear about what you are doing a couple of times from multiple sources and they then will want to be involved. 

If it goes really well, then the press and the bloggers will pick up on what you are doing and before you know it your campaign has been fully funded by complete strangers! So, keep posting those updates with how you are getting on!

How do I fund a fundraising campaign?

This is really easy to do, you click on the pledges on the right hand side of the fundraiser that you want to support, you check that the amount of money that you are about to pledge is correct and that you have checked the right box that you are interested in backing and then click PLEDGE.

The PLEDGE button will trigger a window to appear that asks for your e-mail address (this is to ensure that the campaign owner has a contact address for you), then if you want to make the pledge as a member or as a guest (anonymously). Please note that the options you have to pay via (either Paypal, credit/debit card, or bank transfer) are those that have been set up by the fundraiser themself or the charity that is the recipient of the funds. 

What can I offer as rewards?

Anything, be creative as you want! Please don't be too naughty though. Try and think of what you are going to be doing with the money and don't just say that any surplus funding is going to go towards a charity.

The most creative ideas get the funding they deserve and we will help promote them even more if we find them interesting!

Can I change the funding target after launch?

Sadly not really. We don't think that you should be changing the target funding level in the middle of a fundraising campaign. It is really important that project owners think really hard about the target funding that they need before they start and are absolutely sure about the costs of the pledges that they are offering to their supporters.

If you have yet to receive your first pledge, then we can change your funding target for you but it is only on special request to

Can campaigns raise more money than the target funding?

Yes, they often do! The only thing that will limit the amount of funding that you can raise will be the generosity of the crowd and the number of each type of pledge that you set when creating your project. People can make donations to your campaign as well, so the sky really is the limit (and the deadline date!). 

Can I change my target funding deadline?

No, no, no.

You need to think carefully about the campaign, including the funding deadline before you list your campaign. Remember, the ZEQUS Angel’s are on hand to help and support you throughout your campaigning, so get in touch if you’re not sure how to work out how much you should ask for.

Generally, we suggest you set a funding target for what you need, not what you want. Remember, you only receive all the pledged monies if you hit your funding target, though some kind folks may still wish to pass on their pledge even if you do not hit your target. For some more tips on creating a great campaign check out the Campaign Incubator.

How can I change my notification settings?

Please go to your Members area, click on Settings and then you will have the option to edit your e-mail settings, individual campaign updates settings and also how you would like to be contacted by ZEQUS. Once you are happy just click SUBMIT.

How do I collect my pledge reward?

When the campaign reaches its funding target, the campaign owner enters into a contract with you and everyone else that has pledged to the campaign, committing to fulfil the pledge rewards. We have a copy of this contract at ZEQUS HQ. The campaign owner will then endeavour to deliver the promised pledge reward by the estimated delivery date that is visible on the campaign page next to that pledge level. 

Where the campaign has not reached its funding target, but you have (very kindly) agreed to pass on your pledge to the campaign, the campaign owner is not obliged to fulfil the pledge rewards. See Stretch Funding for more information.

Where a campaign has been successful in reaching the target, the crowdfunded monies are not released to the campaign owner until they have agreed to, and signed the Pledge Fulfilment Contract. Copies of all contracts are held safely and securely at ZEQUS HQ.

What is the maximum or minimum amount of funding you can raise?

There are no maximums or minimums. If you want to raise a couple of hundred quid to make that artwork then get the project over to us.
If you need a couple of mill for your blockbuster film, lets get it funded! Remember the pledges have to back up your aspirations.

Can you raise more than the target funding?

Yes, many campaigns do.

We are going to try and help you burst through that funding target so that you might want to leave us a little service tip as a thank you. 

Can I use the ZEQUS logo to promote my fundraiser?

We have some lovely ZEQUS widgets to help you promote your fundraising campaign, all you need to do is copy the EMBED code from your campaign page and paste the code on your website, facebook page and twitter as well as other social networks!

If you are after our artwork, please go to our Style Page for logos, images, fonts, and colours. 

Can I pledge in my own campaign?

The idea is to garner the support of your friends, family and the wider community. You can make a pledge to your own campaign by setting up another account, but we will do checks on payment details to try and stop anyone fraudulently using the site. We also reserve the right to cancel any pledged payments that we think are suspicious. 

How do I know someone won't just take my idea?

It takes passion, conviction and courage to make any idea come to fruition. Be the first, be the biggest and by putting it up on ZEQUS, we will let everyone know that it was your idea.

If you are still unsure, think about the reality. If thousands of people have seen your idea on ZEQUS and someone were to come along and take it, you have thousands of people that have pledged to you and made a financial commitment to your campaign. They are with you!

In all cases, we recommend that you seek independent advice and take appropriate action to protect your idea such as looking at copyrights and patents. 

I forgot my password, where do I go to reset it?

When you registered with ZEQUS, we sent you an e-mail that contained both your username and a link to reset your password. If you can't find that e-mail, then you can click on the green SIGN UP / LOGIN button on the top right of the web site and under the Existing Members option, there is a link to FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD.

What is a pledge reward?

A pledge reward is a ‘gift’ the campaign owner offers to backers in return for their pledge. The campaign owner normally offers a variety of pledge rewards, hoping to stretch backers to pledge more.

The pledge rewards are only guaranteed to be fulfilled (by the campaign owner) once the campaign hits its funding target. However, backers have the option to pass their pledge on to the campaign owner even if the campaign doesn’t hit its funding target. In this case, the backer is not guaranteed to receive their pledge reward.

For more information on what makes a good pledge reward have a look through some of the successful campaigns that have already raised money on ZEQUS.

How do I know the project creator is who they say they are?

Normally you will see the project owner in their video and they should be talking about their project, anything they have done before and the people that they will be working with. If you are suspicious, then please get in touch with .Us – Support@PleaseFund.Us.

If the funding doesn't get reached how much do I get charged?

This all depends on how long ago you made the pledge. We do our best to refund all failed project pledges as quickly as possible to ensure that the fees that get charged by paypal are avoided, but if you have made the pledge over a month ago you can expect to have a small refund fee charged, maybe up to 3%. So if you pledged £20 to a project, potentially you could only get £19.40 back.

How long does the fund raising take?

The project owner sets the time that he/she would like the project to be live on the site, however 55 days is the maximum deadline. 

The reason being that longer projects are not necessarily better: They tend to lose interest and fizzle out. Shorter projects on the other hand are easier to manage and keep an ongoing interest: There is a sense of confidence and urgency that helps motivate potential backers to reach your funding target.

This means that you can raise money for your dream project in less than a month if you really try.

How do I stop facebook automatically logging me in?

We have facebook connect working on our site, to stop facebook logging you in, either log out of your facebook account, or click on your members area then in your My Profile area,  there is a button to Connect / De-Connect Facebook link. This should have the desired effect. Feel free to drop us a line if it is not working as you want it to. 

What if the campaign owner doesn't know my size/taste/choice of colour?

Tell the campaign owner what you want; they want you to be happy.

The campaign owner normally lets you know how to get in touch and confirm these details, e.g. through email, facebook message, text message, etc. You can make their life easier, by updating your shipping address in your profile area.

Sometimes, the campaign owner will wait until the campaign finishes before systematically collecting all the pledge reward details. Keep an eye out on the ‘campaign updates’ where such messaging will take place. Alternatively they may send a survey to all the backers requesting the information needed to deliver the rewards effectively. 

Are pledges tax deductible?

Pledges made out to charities are not 100% tax deductible as you are receiving goods/services in return for the pledges and not all the projects are raising money for charity. We advise that you speak with a professional advisor to check your status and soon we will be making it possible to download your entire pledge history to make this much easier!

We currently have a system in place to help charities receive Gift Aid for money pledged towards their campaigns, but the general rule of thumb is that the charity can only claim the gift aid on pledges where the value of the product is less than 25% of the donation/pledge. 


How do I change my e-mail address?

Nice and easy, just click on the Account area on the top right area of the webpage (or on mobile top left), once you are logged in, click under My Profile, just change your e-mail address and click SUBMIT.

If I pay for a pledge when do I get charged?

You will pay the moment you pledge. This is done through paypal. You can pay with your credit or debit cards if you don’t already have a paypal account.

How much information is handed over to the project owner?

Your e-mail, name and username are handed over if the project raises its target funding. If the project doesn’t reach the target funding no information is passed over to the project owner.

Who works for ZEQUS?

We have a whole team of people dedicated to shouting about your fundraising plans. We are all social network enthusiasts that understand that the quickest way to help you raise the money that you need for your idea is by telling everyone that is interested in what you do about it. 

Our team started off as just James and Tarkan and has rapidly grown to a giant of the tech world with ten of the brightest minds in W14 9EQ working in London and a further team of developers and customer support based in Santa Barbara. To find out more about .Us check out our team page: The Team

What campaigns are not allowed on ZEQUS?

First up, read our Campaign Guidelines. Here you'll see that we cater for both charity fundraisers as well as personal fundraisers. The platform does not allow political causes that can be linked to terrorism.

Other than that, if it is street legal then it is fine by us. There are no boring people, just boring campaigns, make sure your fundraiser stands out from the crowd!

When was ZEQUS started?

ZEQUS was originally launched as PleaseFund.Us back in 2011 as the brainchild of two frustrated entrepreneurs that had done the rounds trying to raise money for their ideas and come up against the difficulties that all young startups come across. Since its inception the company has gone from strength to strength, helping creative ideas get the funding that they deserve.

When we realised that we were going to go global we had a rethink about the branding and realised that we needed something that would appeal to a broad spectrum of supporters (not just our core creatives) and was born. The exact launch date was September 13th, 2013. We will continue to innovate in the fundraising space and if you have any ideas on what we should be doing, or could be doing better, we would love to hear from you!

Can a campaign be deleted or removed?

Alas yes. We very occasionaly do take projects down for the benefit of our community. Sometimes projects are not suitable for ZEQUS or an event has changed the campaign owners ability to fulfill his pledge rewards. We are here to help our campaign owners deliver and we will never just delete a campaign without a good reason.

However, if a campaign does not receive a single pedge (no matter how big or small) within the first week of its campaign, then we reserve the right to 'close' the campaign until we hear from the campaign owner who can then negotiate for it to be re-opened. The reason for this is to stop spam advertising (for projects that have no intention to campaign, but rather to establish a free link on our site). We want the site to look as good and clean as possible for all users.